Follow your passion, and success will follow you


Our story started from trying to find something natural and unique that came from nature and would be more organic not synthetic. For a while making natural, nature friendly linen bow ties and neckties were only a hobby, but now this become more – it’s not only favorite after-work activity but also a very small our family business too. For us creating handmade goods bring the sense of community and it is like a protest against cheap mass-produced goods. We actually love every moment of the process while sewing our ties. Creating something that makes people happy is an indescribable feeling. And whenever we receive thank-you letters from our customers we are happy to have been a part of something wonderful and meaningful for you. All of our ties are handmade locally in Lithuania using only toxic free and Oeko certificated linen. Linen (flax) is healthy and non – waste product of nature. We love what we are doing and hope you will love it too!